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  • Funds raised of $600,000 goal 13.88%

Commons Area

An open, flowing area seamlessly connecting the existing front and back foyers with more space for people to talk and connect with each other.

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Remodeled Worship Center

Increased seating capacity and stage space are two main features of this redesigned space. This will allow New Life to continue to grow without having to add additional services.

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A New Layout

The redesigned lobby and worship center will allow for better flow and an updated feel.

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The things God has been doing at New Life recently are amazing and we are excited to see where God’s vision leads us. Next will help us raise the required funds for seeing the first part of that vision come to life. Here are some of the items that will be covered in next:

Remodeled Worship Center

The worship center will be remodeled and rotated to better fit into the space it occupies. By moving where the stage is we can drastically increase the usable stage space while also adding over 100 more seats to the room. In addition all of the audio, video, and lighting will be upgraded to meet the growing needs of our worship services.

Commons Area

A new “third place” & commons area will be created by connecting the existing front and back foyers with the fellowship hall. This space will include soft seating areas and clear up the congestion of the foyers before and after services. This will be the place to hang out and catch up with all of your friends. There will be ample access into the worship center from the commons area through a sliding glass wall that will be opened between services.

Coffee Corner & Next Steps Center

Inside the new commons area two additional areas will be created. The existing kitchen will be modified into an expanded coffee counter better equipped for serving drinks, light snacks, and refreshments between services. A Next Steps Center will also be created to provide people with a well defined place to go to seek counseling and other next steps after each service.

Carpet, Asphalt, and Bathrooms

In addition to the remodeling, several other smaller projects will also take place as part of next. The carpet throughout the church will be removed and replaced with other flooring surfaces to blend into the newly remodeled design. Parking in the back parking lot will become easier as it will be torn up and resurfaced.  Lastly, the main first floor bathrooms as well as the bathrooms on the second floor in the adult life group hallway will be given face lifts to bring them up to date as well.

The next campaign is geared towards raising funds over the next three years, through September 2019. We are asking each family at New Life to commit to supporting God’s vision through next. The cost of this vision is large, but we know that God will provide in order to fulfill His vision. Not everyone will be able to give the same amount but we ask that everyone prayerfully consider how they can sacrificially give above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings.

Our Goal



3 Years

‘Next’ Sermon Series

In the ‘Next’ sermon series Pastor Keith walked through the essential aspects of our look towards the future of New Life. Catch the whole series right here.

Introducing the MustardSeed App

Donate your spare change What would happen if all of your everyday purchases were rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference donated to the NEXT campaign? With MustardSeed, we can find out! MustardSeed will even do all of the tracking and math for you!...
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Flooring Update

We have been making progress on flooring. In the past few weeks, we’ve had two flooring companies out to give us quotes on our flooring choices based on the following flooring map. We’ve chosen three different flooring options to be installed – two...
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March Family Meeting Updates – Part II – Project Updates

This is part of a series of posts of updates that were given at the March Family Meeting Flooring & Paint Colors We have been working with Melissa Schulz of Schulz Design LLC. to come up with flooring and paint color options. Based on some initial options...
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March Family Meeting Updates – Part I – General Updates

This is part of a series of posts of updates that were given at the March Family Meeting General Updates We have been staying very busy with both fundraising ideas and getting estimates for various aspects of the project.  After scoping the entire project we...
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How much will this cost?

Cost breakdown is a fairly lengthy process which is not fully complete. Instead of determining cost and letting that drive how much we try to raise, we are going to determine how much we want to raise and let that determine how much we spend throughout the campaign.

What is the timeline for the campaign?

Initial pledges to the next campaign will be for 3 years, running October 2016 through September 2019.

Are we going to take out a loan and go into more debt to complete this?

The capital funds team cannot decide to take out a loan without a church vote. We have discussed the possibility of taking out a small loan against the pledges we receive to accomplish some of these items more quickly. We would then use the donations to next to payoff the loan at the end of the campaign. This option would be brought to the church for vote by the capital funds and/or the stewardship team if we decide to go this route.

Why did you spend $30,000 for pictures?

As we looked into what it would take to renovate the worship center we found that the normal architecture process typically costs about 20% of the build cost. When researching alternatives we found the Live Design Group which specializes in church design and does it for less cost than a typical architecture firm. Live Design Group worked with us to fully understand our issues and help us solve them in an effective way.

Will we be doing the work ourselves?

There may be some opportunities for church members to participate in some of the work. However, most jobs will be hired out to a general contractor. This will help the work be completed in a more timely manner and help us remain focused on ministering to our community.

What if we raise more than we need?

There are a number of additional projects/costs that could benefit from additional funds. One idea is to pay down the parsonage mortgage. Excess funds could also be held to seed future building and repairs. We will address this if/when it occurs.

Where will we hold worship services during the renovation?

We plan on utilizing the chapel for our worship services while the worship center is under renovation. Depending on our growth between now and then we may have to run on a modifed schedule during renovation to ensure we have enough room for everyone.

When is the renovation going to begin and how long will it take?

We would like to see construction start on the worship center and commons area within the next 12 to 18 months, but that depends on how quickly funds come in.  The general contractor has said that the worship center and commons area renovation should take 8-12 weeks.  Other smaller projects such as replacing the flooring throughout the first floor and remodeling the bathrooms may be able to start sooner as they will cost less and take less time.

Why are we getting rid of the kitchen?

We will still have a prep kitchen that will service the coffee counter on Sunday mornings. The size of the kitchen will shrink a bit to accommodate the new coffee counter but we will still be able to prep and even cook some food in the kitchen. While it is nice to have a large commercial kitchen for church wide banquets and fellowships we have outgrown the size of our kitchen. It is already hard for us to cook and serve food for the entire church at one time out of our kitchen. As the church continues to grow this will become even more difficult.

What about Student Life?

Student Life has used the fellowship hall for games for a long time and we understand that this renovation will remove that option. After the renovation, the chapel, will be utilized more as a multipurpose room where the students can do some of their games. There may be some games that won’t work in the chapel and that is something that Student Life leadership is considering and is willing to work around.

Can I donate a trust fund, stock, or other non-cash items?

We may be able to make arrangements to accept some non-cash donations (e.g. stock, bonds, life insurance, real estate, etc). If you have non-cash items that you are interested in donating to the next campaign please contact the capital funds team to get the process started.

How can I get involved?

Pray! As we follow God’s vision for New Life it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and lose sight of God’s timing. However, if we remain in prayer then we will always be right where God needs us. In addition to prayer for the campaign and New Life, please prayerfully consider making a financial commitment to the next campaign if you have not already done so. If you are interested in helping out in another way please contact the capital funds team.

Contact The Next Campaign

If you have comments or questions about the next campaign or any of the renovations please contact us.

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