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This is part of a series of posts of updates that were given at the March Family Meeting

General Updates

We have been staying very busy with both fundraising ideas and getting estimates for various aspects of the project.  After scoping the entire project we determined the best way to proceed will be to break up the project into smaller stages that we can complete as funds become available. The project is broken up into the following stages:

Project Stages

  • Common Area Flooring – Carpet in hallways, LVP in foyers, Stained/Polished Concrete in Fellowship Hall
  • Worship Center Reorientation – Stage demolition, Modular Stage Construction, flooring throughout worship center, bare minimum AVL upgrades (projection)
  • Foyer Enlargement/Third Space Creation – Demolition of kitchen storage rooms, demolition of south wall between worship center and post in fellowship hall, installation of necessary supporting posts/beams, finishing newly exposed surfaces to match existing finishes
  • Worship Center Reshaping – Demolition of part of south wall and back wall of worship center, construction of new SW diagonal wall, removal of existing sliding partition, installation of new sliding glass wall
  • AVL Upgrades Part I – Installation of new worship center house lighting, construction of new sound booth, installation of new sound console and speakers, electrical work
  • Counseling Room Buildout – Construction of new counseling room, minimal electrical to wire with outlets and lighting
  • Cafe Buildout – Demolition of existing kitchen wall into fellowship hall, installation of necessary supporting posts/beams, installation of cafe counter, plumbing/electrical required for cafe prep area
  • AVL Upgrades Part II – Remaining AVL upgrades for stage lighting and video
  • Back Parking Lot – Demolition of existing back parking lot, re-grading the surface, paving of new parking lot

A lot of work has been going on around flooring, worship center reorientation, foyer enlargement/third space creations, worship center reshaping, and AVL upgrades. We have been working with interior designers, architects, and a few AVL installers to obtain samples, architectural drawings, and estimates for many of the project stages. In addition, we have also discussed several changes to the original drawings we presented to help reduce costs while still meeting the requirements we set. The changes are as follows:

Design Changes

  • Staging (APPROVED) – Instead of having a large built-in stage we will build modular staging platforms that can be moved. The benefit to this is a reduction in unusable stage area to provide more seating space. This also creates an added benefit of being able to completely remove, rearrange, or move the stage based on service/event needs.
  • Worship Center Expansion (APPROVED) – In the presented drawings the back wall of the worship center had been moved by about 8 feet to increase capacity. In conjunction with the staging change described earlier we are still able to meet the capacity as shown in the original drawings from LDG.
  • Sound Booth Position (IN DISCUSSION) – We are discussing moving the sound booth to a position along one of the back walls. This will reduce cost by removing the need to trench the concrete slab to install new conduit for A/V requirements. All A/V cabling can run through the walls (existing or new).

The following image shows the original LDG drawing with the expanded worship center (faded in the background) with the new footprint on top of it. You can also see several of the proposed soundbooth locations (in blue), and the proposed modular staging.