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This is part of a series of posts of updates that were given at the March Family Meeting

Flooring & Paint Colors

We have been working with Melissa Schulz of Schulz Design LLC. to come up with flooring and paint color options. Based on some initial options presented by Melissa, we are working on getting pricing information for installation of the flooring we liked. We are looking at doing carpet tiles in throughout the worship center and hallways and using either stained concrete or LVT (vinyl tile that looks like wood) in the foyer areas. Flooring is one of our main focus areas right now in order to remove the trip hazards in some of the main hallways. We are looking to start changing flooring out in the next few months. This is one of our top priorities. We have received 1 bid on flooring, however it was inaccurate and included things that we hadn’t asked to include. We are working on getting a revised flooring estimate.

Worship Center Reorientation

Our other top priority is to start work in the worship center. We are actively putting together a demo/construction plan for the worship center flooring, stage demolition, and modular stage construction. To complete the reorientation we would also need to go ahead and upgrade our projection system, which will drive cost up here. The cost for the upgraded projectors and screens will run somewhere between $25k and $30k. If funds aren’t available to do the full reorientation we will still move ahead with the flooring and stage work but temporarily leave the orientation where it currently is until we have the funds to upgrade the projection. The stage demolition and new modular stage buildout can be completed for less than $3000. The other big cost for this is the flooring. We are still waiting on a revised flooring estimate for this as well.

AVL Upgrades

Marc Douglas, who does AVL consulting for many churches, has been helping Steve and Nick work through what our needs and wants are for AVL upgrades. We started out by talking about where we see things in 5 years. From there we were able to translate this into what that means to AVL needs. After we generated our list of needs we began to do some searching and pricing of various options that will fit our needs. One of the biggest factors driving these AVL upgrades is that most of the equipment we use weekly is no longer sufficient to suit our needs. With this in mind, the AVL upgrades we are looking at are almost like starting from scratch. To get everything we need and want will cost somewhere between $210k-$225k. There are also some costs that we haven’t been able to fully understand yet (e.g. electrical work) that will cause those numbers to change.

Worship Center Expansion

A lot of discussion and work has gone into trying to reduce the cost of this. Looking at the existing building plans, some concerns came up that if we tried to move the back wall of the worship center back 8 feet like in the LDG drawings our construction costs would rise a lot. The existing back wall is an integral part of the structural support for the balcony. Moving this wall would require us to add some additional structural supports that would either raise cost significantly or reduce the benefit gained by moving the wall.  The only changes to the worship center footprint that we are still looking at are to the SW corner. Only about 22’ from the south wall and west (back) wall will be demolished and rebuilt with an angled wall matching the NW wall.  By changing the stage design we are actually able to fit approximately the same number of chairs in the new footprint as we were in the LDG drawing.