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We have been making progress on flooring. In the past few weeks, we’ve had two flooring companies out to give us quotes on our flooring choices based on the following flooring map.

Flooring Plan

Shows the areas where the flooring will be changed as well as which flooring options will be installed.

We’ve chosen three different flooring options to be installed – two carpet tiles and one linear vinyl tile (LVT). The hallways and Worship Center will have carpet tiles and the entryways will have linear vinyl tile with walk-off mats in front of the doors. We have chosen one type of carpet tile for the hallways and another for the Worship Center. These two carpet tile varieties are very similar to each other and have the same colors, but one is slightly nicer than the other and will be installed in the Worship Center.

LVT is a very durable flooring that is ideal for high traffic areas but is also more expensive than carpet tiles. We are trying to strike a balance between where we use carpet and where we use LVT in order to keep the overall cost down a bit.

LVT selection

The LVT that we have chosen resembles distressed walnut

LVT Sitting Area

The LVT selection is shown in a sitting area

The carpet tile for the hallway is similar in color to the one shown below for the worship center, but the weave is slightly different. The largest expense for carpeting is the worship center as it is a very large area (5,000-6,000 sq ft).

Worship Center Carpet

Sample of the carpet tile to be installed in the worship center

Based on the initial estimates we’ve received, installing new flooring as shown on the above flooring map will cost around $55,000. We are working with the flooring installer to get a final bid and work out installation timelines. We expect to know more in the coming weeks.

If you want to help with flooring costs, consider donating to the NEXT campaign.