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Donate your spare change

What would happen if all of your everyday purchases were rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference donated to the NEXT campaign? With MustardSeed, we can find out! MustardSeed will even do all of the tracking and math for you! It’s simple to setup and best of all, your donation is 100% tax-deductable.



MustardSeed is a quick, intuitive way for you to donate your spare change to the NEXT campaign. Simply sign up for an account, link your account to your debit or credit card or checking account and MustardSeed will take care of the rest. Each month, MustardSeed, will round up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar, subtract the actual purchase amount, and donate the change to the NEXT campaign.

How to give to NEXT

Simply visit the New Life landing page at Mustard Seed and setup your account! It will automatically be set to give to New Life.

I already have a MustardSeed account and want to change my ministry to the NEXT campaign?

Users can select a new ministry at any time. From MustardSeed’s mobile app, simply click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen to search for a new ministry. If you are using MustardSeed from a web browser, go to MustardSeed’s “Settings” page and select “Ministry Settings” to search for a new ministry. Once there, search for New Life Baptist Church and select the result in Hillsboro, OR.

How does it work?

Each time you make a purchase on the debit/credit card or checking account linked to your MustardSeed account, MustardSeed rounds up the purchase amount to the nearest dollar. MustardSeed then donates the change to the NEXT campaign. If you spend $33.15 at the grocery store, $0.85 will be donated to the NEXT campaign.

Can I limit how much I donate?

Yes, you can place a limit on how much MustardSeed will donate from your purchases each month.

Does MustardSeed count towards my pledge?

Unfortunately, no. New Life receives a lump sum deposit from MustardSeed each month and has no visibility into how much anyone donates through MustardSeed.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! You receive a tax receipt from MustardSeed for any donations you make through them.

Please visit the MustardSeed website for more information and to setup your account today!